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5 Dollar it is very valuable for us,

I and my student have Vision and Mission to study more about English, but our programe have met with many handicaps, so it was a very difficult for us to continue our programe.

We stay in the small village in my town, it's in Taluk Kuantan Regency, the village name is Sungai Keranji, zip code 29563

We need your kindness to help our programe, we hope each of the person who read it will help us by sending a little money for our programe, if you want to help us, please send it to my BANK Account. or send it to my PayPal account at


Bank Nama : BNI
Bank Account Number: 0327787687
Name Of Holder : Bpk. Jajang Jaenudin

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GOOGLE is my choice and now I have been waiting for my adSense PIN

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it's my first experience to wait a PIN code from AdSense, day by day I wait it, I hope google management look at my this post and give me an opportunity to learn about the exellence of AdSense, and I also want to study more about english by using this blog,

my best regard to google,
please give me a chance.

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Where did you buy your handphone? KELAS IX Minggu I Maret 2014

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T : your name please?
S : Gilang Vasha Vesky, call me Gilang
T : Do you have handphoe?
S : Yes, I do sir, it's Blackberry.
T : waw, that's an expensive Hp?
S : I dont know exactly the cost sir,because I got it as my birth day present from my brother.
T : did he bouhgt it from the Handphone store?
S : No, he didn't sir, He bought it from online store from the internet, he looked the advertisement from google adsense, and he interested to bought it as my birth day present.
T : Ok, maybe only that, I have to do my other job, see you next time.
S : See you sir.

Percakapan diatas silakan di translate kan, kemudian dihafal kan dan dipraktekkan, pengambilan nilai praktek dilaksanakan pada minggu 1 maret 2014.
silakan tinggalkan komentarmu di blog ini sebagai tanda kunjunganmu dengan menyertakan diri sebagai follower.

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Where's your house address? KELAS VII/Minggu I Maret 2014

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T : Your name please?
S : My name is ..., call me ...
T : Ok. where's your house address?
S : It;s on Cempaka street No 22 sungai keranji village.
T : Does your house has a garden?
S : Yes, it is.sir.It has a beatifull garden.
T : May I come to your house?
S : Of course sir, I'll very pleasure if you want to come to my house.
T : Ok, thank you, see you.
S : You are welcome,See you sir.

Percakapab diatas harus dihafalkan untuk ulanagan minggu ke 1 Maret 2014

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SMPN 3 SINGINGI is one of the State Junior High School in Kuantan Singingi Regency, it is located in Riau is in Sumber Datar Village No 1.

SMPN 3 Singingi has many programes, one of the fenomenal is ELYUSMAN CUP programe, it is yearly programe,

on 26th February 2014, the programe will be held for the third times, there are many schools will be invited to join it,more than 7 schools will join it.

the turnaments in this programe is variated, there is football, volly ball, footsal, badminton etc.

the sponsore for the programe is open to public, domestic and abroad, who want to promote their product could use this event to show their products to the customers,esspecially in Taluk Kuantan Regency.

the cost addless USD 200 for four days along the event.

if you want to promote your product, you can call or sending an email to

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Teacher : What's your name?
Student : My name is...
Teacher : What's your call name?
Student : You can call me...
Teacher : Do you like fruits?
Student  : Yes, I do.
Teacher : What fruits do you like?
Student : I like water melon and stawbery.
Teacher : Where do you usually buy it?
Student : I usually buy it in the fruits store.
Teacher : Ok, thank you, see you.
Student : See you.

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